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Our Mares

We have spent many years building a herd of exceptional mares.  While a great stallion contributes to the quality of a foal, the mare is a very important factor too.  When considering downsizing our herd, we're having to part with some beautiful, well loved mares that have contributed so much to our program.  The small, select herd of mares will be our very favorites- to continue to produce exceptional foals here at Fields of Blessing.

Dream has always been a special mare in our herd.  The last filly from Enforcer and an elegant show mare for several years. She has always produced exceptional foals and has been a great mom. Quiet and sweet. 

While making very hard decisions, I would consider letting Dream go to a very special home. 

2022 update: Dream gave us a pinto colt with the fanciest little head! 

Fields of Blessing Last Knights Dream

Buckeye Classical Enforcer x Jem Geisha Doll


Fern has been an excellent addition to our herd.  Her foals have never disappointed and have always had the quality we strive for.  Beautiful black and white mare, just over 34" so is a nice, small ASPC/AMHR mare. 

2022 update:  Fern gave us a silver pinto colt out of Swinger.  He is nice! 

Longlanes Foxy Sweet Fern

Foxlanes Kiss of Fire x Golden Toys Cookies and Cream       AMHR/ASPC

This stunning filly is now a beautiful mare in our ASPC/AMHR program.  Extremely refined.  I have always loved the King Lee offspring, so I'm happy to have a daughter of Firefly.  Passion is also a smaller B size mare, which is a great asset to the herd.

Countrylanes Passion and Thrills

RHA Unique Thriller x Buckeye WCF Classical Firefly 


We were so blessed to own Flying W Farms Blue Boys Magic Man in his final years,  and this daughter is a truly special gift from him. Eve is a sweet little mare that will be a forever keeper in our herd.  After a successful show career, she is now producing beautiful foals. 

2022 update: Eve gave us a black and white colt 

Fields of Blessing MM She's Unbelievable

Flying W Farms Blue Boys Magic Man x Meadowind RV Ember Lightning


We sadly lost our beautiful palomino mare, Doll but are blessed to have two special daughters to remember her by.  Perfect is a dark, sooty buckskin mare who lives up to the legacy of her mother.  She was the first of the Doll x Swinger crosses and the result is outstanding. 

2022 update:  Perfect gave us the sweetest, friendliest filly out of Olympus.

Fields of Blessing SOS Perfect 2 Nite

RHA Sultan of Swing x Countrylanes Sombreros Marivilloso


When I saw this little Magic Man Granddaughter I just couldn't resist adding her.  She is so refined, even as a mature mare. She comes with a successful show record and is now settling in to raise outstanding foals. Her first filly out of Swinger did not disappoint, just such a refined little girl. Just a sweet little mare, with an exceptional pedigree. 

2022 update: Cookie gave us the tiniest, daintiest little solid black filly out of swinger. 

GRF Cookies and Cream

JSW Magic At The Post x GRF Designers Foxy Lady


Another beautiful daughter out of our Swinger and Doll cross. Although she's a horse of a different color for us, I love her buckskin coloring. Very elegant and pretty, just like her momma was. We look forward to seeing the babies she will produce! 

2022 update, Sahara gave us a silver bay filly out of Olympus.  

Fields of Blessing SOS Sahara

RHA Sultan of Swing x Countrylanes Sombreros Marvilloso


 I have loved this filly from the moment she was born.  She looked like a newborn foal even at a month old!  Such incredible refinement, and such a resemblance of her outstanding sire. Sedona was our pick to be a show filly, however a couple years of no shows changed that for us. Even as a three year old she could still walk into show ring and excel. 

Fields of Blessing SOS Sedona 

RHA Sultan of Swing x Countrylanes Passion and Thrills 


Junior Mare: 

I couldn't resist the opportunity to add this stunning Candy daughter and of course out of a very special mare, Blessed B.  Candy's foals have a look of their own.  While it took her a bit to get over her gangly yearling look, she has matured into a refined, elegant filly. Hoping she will get a chance to make it to the show ring, otherwise we will love this quality mare in our select herd. 

Countrylanes Candy Coated Reign

JHK Mr Candyland x Countrylanes Blessed B the Girls


What an exciting cross this was!  One of our favorite mares and the opportunity to breed to Candy!  And of course we were thrilled that the resulting foal was a filly.  She will be a great addition to our herd. 


Fields of Blessing Designed By Candy

JHK Mr Candyland x Countrylanes Passion and Thrills

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