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Our Available Horses

          Buyer is responsible for health and coggins,and board fees if needed.  We will gladly do the paperwork for the ownership transfer-at buyer's cost, unless negotiated in the sales deal. Discounts will be given on foals that leave at weaning before winter, most foals will be available for sale.   Reasonable offers may be considered on sale horses. Deposit is required to hold. 
If you have any issues with your new horse, please let us know within a month of purchase so we can make it right.  
We work with several shippers so can help arrange shipping if needed. 
Thank you to everyone who added a
Fields of Blessing Horse to their family this year!

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This is a well bred, shetland blend mare.  Very pretty buckskin coloring- just a striking girl!  Measures approx 37" 
She is exposed to Countrylanes Captain Marvel, a gorgeous black pinto stallion for spring 2023.  she is missing an eye from a injury when she was younger but that doesn't affect the superb quality broodmare that she is. 

offered for sale.  Different options available. The only mare offered before foaling, with the option of us foaling her out and rebreeding. 

Countrylanes Sombrero in the Sahara

Establo Canadian Sombrero x Tibbs Royale Rockette


This colt is so well bred and bred to move!  he has some big movement so will make an awesome driving prospect.  Not in your pocket yet, mom was determined no one would touch this boy all summer, but hopefully he will get used to us now that he's weaned. 
He should shave out to a gorgeous black silver dapple pinto.  Lots of chrome to make him flashy!  
double registered ASPC/AMHR - and priced super reasonably right now!  Could board til spring with deposit, for a reasonable fee. 
Eligible for MMHC futurity if bought before March 31, 2023

Fields of Blessing sos Cadillac

RHA Sultan of Swing x Long Lanes Sweet Fern

ASPC/AMHR pending

I love love love this colt. If I could think of any reason to justify keeping him- I would.  If we were showing as much as we used to, he'd be a top gelding on our show string.  However, he would also make an outstanding replacement for his beautiful sire too... Hmmm decisions...

So at this point, Laredo is for sale, unless I change my mind and keep him as a stallion.  He is refined, elegant, double registered in a rich black bay pinto. If you are looking for a top stallion, here he is! 

Very reasonably priced for a stallion of his quality. He's a bit timid of people for some reason so might need some time spent on that. but he's gorgeous and ready to work!!  I'm over stallioned here so don't miss out on this incredible deal. 

Fields of Blessing SOS Laredo

RHA Sultan of Swing x Longlanes Foxy Sweet Fern

2020 ASPC/AMHR Stallion

This wow quality stallion is from one of the finest breeding programs.  He is absolutely stunning with a look like no other! 
huge movement, flashy, and stamps his foals with color and that 'look' that just wows you. 
I would highly recommend this boy for anyone wanting to focus on ASPC horses due to his type and style. 
He is co owned with Countrylane miniatures so I can pass on inquiries to them.  we absolutely hate to part with this boy but we've made other changes and we just don't need as many stallions.
His price has been drastically reduced due to wanting to cut back.  

Erica's Trotters Custom Made

Wall Street Hershey's Tiny Trotter x Wall Street heads up Mary Lou


Please visit our foals page to see more available horses. We have really strived to add horses of quality and we feel that is reflected in the foals that we produce.  We offer horses at reasonable prices and will work with you to find the right fit for your family. 

Our 2022 foals have been sired by RHA Sultan of Swing and Countrylanes Zeus Mt Olympus. 

Most of our 2022 foals will be available for sale. Have a look - photos will be updated regularly as we get new ones! 

More Great Horses Available!!

Sale Horse 6

Sale Horse 7
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