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Our Geldings

Over the years we have owned some incredible geldings who have taught our kids so much.  Now that we have grandkids, we'd love to have those geldings back to teach a new generation. Time to make some more quiet ones!

They don't come much sweeter than this little gelding.  Perfection has so many talents - jumping, driving, halter, obstacle and just does anything you ask of him - even tricks!  He's been a very patient leadline horse and costume competitor, dressed in whatever we chose that year. 

Perfection has a new generation of little people to look after so will spend his days here doing just that! 

Triple K's Planned Perfection

Olympus spent the first few years of his life as a stallion. He sired some very nice foals that had his unique presence and movement. 
However, since we co owned his sire, we made the choice to geld him, as we just didn't need another stallion here. He is a stunning horse- whether in his fancy photos or just out in the pasture.  
We look forward to putting some training on him and see what he can do!   


Countrylanes Zeus Mount Olympus

Ericas Trotters Custom Made x Buck ons La Vida Loca


This big colt is flashy and super sweet.  We think he will make a great little riding pony for our granddaughter- Preslee. We look forward to seeing the two of them in action as they grow up together! 


coming soon


coming soon

coming soon
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